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Unlock your inner champion and elevate your stage presence with our exclusive figure posing program. Our expert posing coach is dedicated to helping individuals of all skill levels excel in competitive posing. Whether you're a novice or at an intermediate level, our coach will tailor their guidance to suit your individual needs, ensuring you master the essentials of figure posing across all divisions. With our personalized service, you can confidently embrace the thrill of competition and experience the transformative impact that a seasoned posing coach can have on your performance. Ready to shine in the spotlight? Join us today and unleash the power of your untapped potential!


Introducing the Pro Fit "Opening Routine" service, your premier choice for figure posing in bodybuilding competitions. Our specialty lies in creating custom-made choreography that spotlights your physique's strengths, placing a great emphasis on fluid pose transitions and the prominent display of dominant muscle groups. With Pro Fit, you're not just learning to pose, you're mastering the art of stage presence. Our expert coaches equip you with the confidence and poise needed to make a striking first impression. Regardless of the stage or level of competition, we assure you of a superior performance with each Pro Fit session, making your competitive figure journey a triumphant one.

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Unleash your unique style and grace with Stage Presence, your go-to Posing Coach! Designed for competitors who have mastered their category fundamentals and are now ready to captivate the judges. Our Posing Coach will help you craft poses that highlight your body, advise on tanning, suit or shorts selection, and everything else you need to stand out on stage. With a focus on competitive posing, we ensure your evening routine makes a memorable impact. Elevate your stage presence with Stage Presence, your ultimate Posing Coach! Embrace the spotlight and let your hard work shine.

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Pro Fit Posing, founded by renowned IFBB Pro Sheronica Henton, aims to bring elegance back to bodybuilding. Henton, with her unique dance background, has delivered exceptional performances for over a decade, making her a pioneer in the field. Her passion extends beyond personal success to fostering excellence in others passionate about bodybuilding

The Pro Fit Posing, under Henton’s guidance, helps both amateur and professional athletes reach their peak through expert posing techniques. With experience of over 500 athletes across all federations, our company not only enhances physical prowess but also instils confidence for stage performance. In a time when bodybuilding’s essence is often forgotten, we ensure its survival and growth. Join us in refining the art of posing, one bodybuilder at a time.




Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Understand the Mandatory Poses: Acquaint yourself with the mandatory poses such as the front double biceps, side chest, back lat spread, and others. Understanding what each pose aims to showcase will help you emphasize your strong points.

  2. Practice Regularly: Regular practice is crucial to perfecting your poses. Practicing in front of a mirror can help you identify areas of improvement and adjust your poses accordingly.

  3. Seek Professional Help: Services like Pro Fit “Opening Routine” can provide personalized choreography and guidance to help you improve your pose transitions and muscle display.

  4. Focus on Balance and Posture: Good balance and posture are key to executing poses correctly and can enhance the display of your muscle symmetry and definition.

  5. Mind-Muscle Connection: This is crucial in executing poses. Being able to contract or relax specific muscles on demand can greatly impact the quality of your poses.

  6. Video Analysis: Record your posing routine and analyze it. This lets you see your poses from an outside perspective and provides a different insight.

  7. Learn from the Pros: Attend professional bodybuilding competitions, watch videos, and study how the pros do it. Each competitor has a unique style and you can learn different techniques from each one.

  8. Stay Relaxed: While posing, it’s important to appear relaxed even when your muscles are flexed. It’s a skill that can only be developed over time.

  9. Feedback and Adjust: Always be ready to take constructive criticism from others and adjust your poses accordingly.

Remember, figure posing is an art that requires time and patience to master. Keep practicing and stay consistent with your efforts.

The mandatory NPC (National Physique Committee) Women’s Figure poses include:

  1. Front Pose: The competitor stands facing the judges, with one foot slightly in front of the other. The arms should be relaxed and slightly away from the body, showing off the waist and the overall symmetry of the figure.

  2. Quarter Turn Right (or Side Pose): The competitor turns to their right and stands sideways to the judges, showing off the side profile of their physique. The competitor is judged on their balance, symmetry, and the shape and condition of their muscles.

  3. Quarter Turn Back (or Back Pose): The competitor turns again to their right, now facing away from the judges. The back, buttocks, and rear of the legs are on display.

  4. Quarter Turn Right (or Other Side Pose): Another turn to the right, displaying the opposite side profile to the judges.

  5. Quarter Turn Front: The competitor turns again to face the judges, returning to the first pose.

In each of these poses, the competitor should highlight their physique’s balance, symmetry, muscle tone, and overall condition.

A posing coach can offer a range of benefits to individuals looking to improve their posing skills. Firstly, a posing coach has the expertise and experience to guide individuals in achieving the perfect pose for their specific activity, whether it’s modeling, fitness competitions, dance performances, or any other field that requires posing. They can help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses and provide tailored guidance to improve their technique.

Secondly, a posing coach can offer support and motivation to individuals, helping them build confidence in their abilities. This can be especially helpful for individuals who may be nervous or self-conscious about their posing skills. A good coach can help individuals overcome their fears and insecurities, allowing them to perform at their best.

Thirdly, a posing coach can help individuals develop a strong and consistent posing routine, which is essential for success in any activity that requires posing. This can include working on posture, positioning, and timing, as well as developing a unique style that sets individuals apart from their competitors.

Overall, a posing coach can have a significant positive impact on an individual’s confidence, technique, and overall performance. They provide expertise, guidance, and support to help individuals achieve their posing goals and succeed in their chosen field.

In men’s bodybuilding posing, the competitor needs to be big and well-conditioned, while in classic physique posing, the focus is on symmetry and balance. Classic Physique aims to bring back the aesthetics of the golden era of bodybuilding, which was from the 1960s to the 1980s. In terms of posing, men’s bodybuilding requires more poses, whereas the classic physique division only requires five poses: front double biceps, double back biceps, thigh crunches or vacuum, biceps cage, and favorite classic [Biggest

The bikini and wellness divisions are two categories in the competitive bodybuilding world for female athletes, and they have distinct differences in their criteria, expectations, and requirements.

The bikini division is known for its emphasis on a lean and toned physique, with competitors typically being slim and slender without too much muscular definition. Bikini competitors are judged on their overall appearance, including their muscle tone, skin tone, and overall presentation. During comparison judging in height classes, bikini women do a front and back pose, while in natural federations, there are quarter turns. Suits may have bling, but thongs and t-back suits are not allowed.

In contrast, the wellness division is more muscular than bikini competitors, with a focus on a muscular upper and lower body. The lower body requirements are similar to the physique division, with more definition and size in the thighs, glutes, and hips. The biggest difference between wellness and bikini front poses is that the front leg should be flexed and slightly forward. Quarter turns to the right, left, and back are also required. Competitors must wear custom two-piece suits that do not connect the tops to the bottoms and sit high on the hips with no connectors.

Overall, the two divisions have distinct differences in their judging criteria and expectations. Bikini competitors are expected to have a lean and toned physique, while wellness competitors have a more muscular appearance. The posing requirements for the two divisions also differ, with wellness competitors having more specific requirements in their front pose. The two-piece suits worn by competitors also have different requirements, with bikinis allowing for more bling but not allowing thongs or t-back suits. On the other hand, wellness suits must not have connectors and sit high on the hips.What ar

The bodybuilding federations such as NPC, OCB, NGA, PCA, and WBFF have their own set of guidelines and criteria for judging the competitors. The National Physique Committee (NPC) is the most recognized federation in the bodybuilding world, while the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB) is a good option for those who prefer smaller and all-natural shows that are drug tested. The National Gym Association (NGA) focuses on natural bodybuilding, while the Professional Competitors Association (PCA) is a new federation that emphasizes a more holistic approach to bodybuilding. The World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) is a popular federation that emphasizes stage presence and entertainment value, with its competitors often performing routines and wearing elaborate costumes. Each federation has its own set of posing criteria, guidelines, and suit regulations specific to their division and category.

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